Beste Freunde A1. Video DVD


Нет в наличии

ISBN 9783192510519

Includes: 39 Min.

Артикул: 20024241 Категория:
  • ISBN: 9783192510519
  • Brand: Hueber


The DVD shows in six short films of about three minutes each in length scenes from the daily lives of German speaking teenagers. In each film a young person introduces himself/herself and is then shown in different everyday situations: at home, spending leisure time, with his/her family, with friends or taking part in a sporting activity. Real life situations in German speaking countries are thus visualised in an entertaining way. Additionally, the DVD contains culturally informative slide-shows with pictures of the most popular leisure-time and sporting activities, school subjects, eating habits, favourite sights etc. amongst young people in Germany. Each slide show lasts between 2 and 3 minutes.