IELTS Trainer 2 Academic


ISBN: 9781108567589
Язык: Английский
Производитель: Cambridge University Press
Возрастная группа: Для подростков и взрослых
Тип экзамена: IELTS
Год издания: 2019 г
Тип товара: Книга
Переплет: Мягкий
Количество страниц: 184
Размеры(мм): 274 x 217 x 10

Артикул: 50001247 Категория:
  • ISBN: 9781108567589
  • Brand: Cambridge


SIX IELTS practice tests for perfect exam training, including details of the test format, question types an scoring system, plus step-by-step guidance and tips. Build your confidence by following the step-by-step guidance, tips and strategies in the Training and Exam Practice exercises in the first two practice tests. Then develop your exam technique with the final four tests. Grammar, vocabulary and writing practice exercises show you how to avoid common mistakes. The resources download includes audio for the Listening tests, audioscripts, the answer key with clear explanations and model writing answers.