Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs Paperback


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  • ISBN: 9780194312851
  • Сторінки: 536
  • Обкладинка Paperback
  • Розміри 216×138 mm


Артикул: 17721276 Категория:
  • ISBN: 9780194312851
  • Brand: Oxford


  • Comprehensive and systematic survey of phrasal verbs, with over 11,000 references.
  • Examples of use taken from a wide range of contemporary sources, many drawn from the Oxford Corpus of the English Language.
  • Synonyms, opposites and related verbs shown at the end of entries.
  • Grammatical codes at each entry showing possible sentence patterns.
  • Lists of typical collocates (words most often used with the headword), showing how the verb is most frequently used in everyday English.
  • Explanations of unusual features of grammar and usage.
  • See also the companion volume, the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms.

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